Aditya Maheshwari

I help brands unlock growth opportunities on mobile.

I have worked in Customer Success and Product roles across the APAC markets since 2014. I am a Young India Fellow, hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies from Ashoka University, and an engineering degree from NIT Calicut. With the unique positioning of this diverse academic background, I have been able to widen my perspectives and design more comprehensive solutions for my clients.

In my current role, apart from managing some of AppsFlyer's largest clients in the region, I work across functions to drive strategic initiatives and action ground feedback, building it into the AppsFlyer product. Previously, as head of growth at AdWyze, a leading Facebook Marketing Partner, I focused on sales, customer success and product management during my time.

I am passionate about educating digital marketers in both strategic and tactical ways to help them do more with their campaigns.

Want to pick my brain on anything digital, reach out to me on

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